What are the benefits of playing board games with friends?

What are the benefits of playing board games with friends? Aug, 2 2023

Unveiling the Value: The Benefits Behind the Boards

You've probably remember being huddled around a table, the game board between you and your friends, strategizing your every move, laughs and jeers filling the air. Because indeed, playing board games spices things up—adding fun, camaraderie, and competitiveness to an ordinary day with friends. As innocuous as they may seem, board games harbor a plethora of benefits that clearly extend beyond fun. But what exactly are these benefits from these plain old box of boards and pieces that are so enthralling? Let me, Zander, your trusted blogger, break it down for you.

A Booster Shot for the Brain: Cognitive Gains from Gaming

Quite remarkably, board games can make us smarter! Baxter, my beagle, might not get the same brain-evolving benefits when chasing after a stick in the yard, but we homo sapiens certainly do get a cognitive boost when engaging in a good ol' game of Scrabble or chess. Why, you ask? Board games often require a blend of strategy, critical thinking, and decision-making skills. They sharpen your mind and your problem-solving abilities get prepped up, helping your brain become stronger. It's like going to the gym, but for your noggin, minus the sweat. And talk about a fun mental workout! Can you believe that even Kiwi, my parrot, gets a cognitive boost from games? Well, more so when she's trying to imitate the game-related chatter around, but still, mental engagement!

Building Bridges: Strengthening Relationships through Board Gaming

All that time you spend pondering over your next move in a board game? It's also bonding time! Board games have a knack for bringing people together - no kidding. A great ice-breaker, an amplifier of shared laughter, a enhancer of communication - all in a deck of cards or roll of dice. Remember the last time your friend managed that unbelievable victory in Monopoly, or the time you pulled off a miraculous dice roll in Risk? These moments don't fade away; they become shared experiences, stories, and memories that you carry wherever you go. The emotional bonds, thus, you create over a game board are strong and lasting.

Life Skills Learnt via Gameplay

Board games inherently teach you patience because, unlike video games, you have to wait for your turn, wait for others to make their moves. This, my friends, is a simple lesson in delayed gratification, a valuable life skill! Also, losing a game doesn't mean you've lost. Quite the contrary- it teaches you resilience, to try again. These games are a safe place to experience both victory and defeat, thereby enhancing one's coping skills in a wide diversity of situations. As Kiwi would squawk, 'Winning isn't everything,' and although she hasn't quite figured out how to play Clue yet, she's not wrong!

Good Ol’ R and R: Unwind with Board Games

There's something indescribably relaxing about sitting down with a group of friends and setting up a board game. It's not just about winning or losing, but about immersing yourself in an alternate world where the stresses of daily life temporarily fade away. Board games provide respite, helping you deflect your mind away from the worries of life. Remember, mental health matters, and these games can be a great ally on your journey to emotional well-being.

Building an Atypical Workout: Physicality in Board Gaming

Surprisingly, board games bring along physical benefits. No, you won't be getting ripped muscles or the six-pack abs. But laughter - a common by-product of a good gaming session - is a fantastic workout. It boosts heart rate, burns calories, and relaxes your muscles. It's like doing a mini-aerobics session! Plus, certain games encourage physical activity, so you aren't necessarily rooted to one spot. That's your unanticipated workout right there!

Gateways to the Past: Appreciating History through Board Games

Consider this: when you play a game like chess, you're participating in a tradition that spans back hundreds—even thousands—of years. It gets you to appreciate heritage and history. Also, games like Monopoly, give insights into the economy and real estate, adding an undercurrent of education. You'd be surprised the number of facts and historical tidbits you can gather from a seemingly simple board game.

In conclusion, your next board game night isn't just another social gathering; it's a cognitive, emotional, physical and possibly historical workout. So, don't underestimate the power of these boxed joys. They mold character, forge friendships, spruce up strategy, ease the mind and trigger some good hearty laughs. As Baxter, Kiwi and I would vouch - diving into the world of board games with friends is an adventure waiting to be unleashed!

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