What are the best 2 player racing games for PS4 (split-screen)?

What are the best 2 player racing games for PS4 (split-screen)? Jul, 28 2023

The Exhilarating World of Split-Screen Racing on PS4

Racing like there is no tomorrow, pushing the pedal to the metal, swerving through high-speed traffic, and barely outmaneuvering pursuing police. Not in real life of course, but in the safety of video games. Yes indeed, I, Zander would rather experience my adrenaline-fueled high-speed action from the cozy comfort of my home rather than behind the wheel of an actual car. There's something uniquely mesmerizing about racing games, that captures our imagination and draws us into a world of speed, precision, and competition, and the PS4 has some of the very best to offer.

Moreover, when you add another player into the mix, things get even more interesting. A twosome race, a split-screen dash to the finish line, it's the perfect recipe for an evening of fun. Over the years, I have gone thumb to thumb with friends, family and the occasional stranger who was brave enough to challenge me to a digital duel. The mild trash talking, the intense concentration, and the eventual triumph (or deflating defeat) are all part of the beauty of split-screen racing. It brings people together in a unique, thrilling, and intensely competitive manner. Seeing the action unfold in real time, sharing the screen with a worthy opponent, the rise and fall, it's all so compelling.

Diving into the Action: Top Contenders

Risky and high-stakes as it may sound, selecting the best two-player racing games for the PS4 is not a task I take lightly. There are an ocean of phenomenal games out there, each with its distinct flair, style, structure, and gimmicks. But some franchises have outdone themselves, impressively marrying the essence of racing and the thrill of competition on a split screen. These are the games that compel you to invite friends over, arrange the snacks, and clear your schedule because it's going to be a long night.

I`ll start with "Gran Turismo Sport". It raises the bar for what racing simulations should look like. The outstanding attention to detail, the incredible array of cars and tracks, and the painstakingly accurate physics all combine to create a racing experience that is hard to rival. It's the kind of game that invokes awe, whether you are hunkered down in front of the television screen, marveling at the in-game recreations of iconic race tracks, or you're deep in an intense race, every rev of the engine echoing in your ears as you and your co-player battle for victory on the tarmac.

F1 2019: Racing on the Edge

Next on the list, "F1 2019", a game dedicated to the world of Formula 1 racing. One that embraces the split-screen feature like a long-lost comrade. The game brilliantly captures the experience of being in a high-functioning, precision-engineered vehicle at blistering speeds. Take every hairpin turn, navigate each chicane, and feel the rush when you shift to the highest gear while jostling for pole position. From thrilling free practice sessions to heart-stopping final laps, this video game presents a grand spectacle. For those who like their gaming realistic and authentic, this is a must-have especially for a two player session where your living room becomes a miniature F1 track.

Motorsport Mayhem in TrackMania Turbo

While I thoroughly enjoy the sharp and realistic detail in the previous games, sometimes you just crave some out-and-out fun. "TrackMania Turbo" is precisely that – over-the-top, roller-coaster-style racing where gravity is optional. It’s sheer madness. The game offers wild piston-pumping action that puts players in a race against the clock on courses that resemble something you'd craft on a Minecraft spree. With its split-screen feature, it is one of the most enjoyable racing games. Bring a friend along for the ride, and you might spend hours trying to take down each other's records.

Blur: The Power-Up Fueled Racer

Remember when I told you about that occasional stranger who challenged me? Well, it happened during a game of "Blur". This game is a power-up fueled racer that is like a flashy, high-speed fusion of "Project Gotham Racing" and "Mario Kart". The result is a hectic, neon blur of a game that is as fun in two-player mode as it is chaotic. The game injects an interesting twist into the racing formula by allowing you to collect power-ups on the track, making this a title you absolutely must have if you love distinct and thrilling racing games. It's the kind of game where friendship and competition collide, which can sparkle some pretty memorable moments.

Split Second: Explosive Stunts and Unpredictable Mayhem

"Split/Second" is another game that is worthy of mention. It's an adrenaline-pumping game that shakes up the traditional racing setup by introducing an array of explosive stunts and unpredictable mayhem, all while racing at high speeds. What's more exciting is that the game environment is designed to change in split seconds, meaning both you and your co-player must stay alert and adapt to changes swiftly. It offers a whole lot of split-screen fun that makes it stand out from the crowd.

In conclusion, whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-time racer, the PS4 has a dazzling array of split-screen racing games that cater to every imaginable taste. From hyper-realistic racing simulations to outlandishly fun over-the-top stunts, there is always a racing game waiting to keep you and a friend deeply engrossed for hours. Now go ahead, pick your game of choice, call up a friend, buckle up, and brace for an unforgettable gaming experience. Just remember to let your friendship take the victory, even as you battle for glory on the racing tracks. Happy racing!

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